Monday, 20. 1. 2020

A moment in Ljubljana

In Ljubljana we are successfully implementing many smart solutions tailored to the needs and capabilities of our city, that is why we introducing another novelty on our website this year.

We have set up a subpage titled A moment in Ljubljana giving citizens a quick and easy access to key information and links which in the moment affect their everyday life in Ljubljana.

They can find numerous useful information and corresponding links in one place. These are:

  • information on road conditions,
  • information on available public parking spaces,
  • information on currently available bicycles and stations in the BicikeLJ system,
  • information on the number of citizens’ initiatives received,
  • information on ongoing or completed projects,
  • information on the quality of water and air at measuring sites,
  • weather information,
  • information on the number of cultural, sports and social events,
  • information on funerals.