Monday, 30. 7. 2018

A new public swimming pool in Vevče is to be built

Citizens of Ljubljana and its visitors will be able in just two years time to swim in a new swimming pool Vevče. On the site of a former very popular public swimming pool, which has been abandoned for years now, we will construct a new covered pool together with corresponding infrastructure.

On Sunday, 29 July 2018, the mayor Zoran Janković and the director of the company Salomon, d.o.o. Gregor Repič have signed a contract purchasing a former public swimming pool for just under 500,000 EUR.

This year we will issue a call to select a project designer, we estimate, though, the swimming pool will be completed by 2020.

Until then you can refresh in the exsisting public swimming pools swimming pools Kolezija, Kodeljevo in Tivoli, managed by Ljubljana Sport and Leisure Facilities.