Thursday, 2. 9. 2021

A new school year has begun

The City of Ljubljana is ready for the new school year. Many implemented projects aim to ensure high-quality conditions in schools and kindergartens and the well-being of children who attend them

In the school year 2021/22, 13,307 children are enrolled in Ljubljana's public kindergartens. The enrolment of kindergarten children in Ljubljana increased from 95.5% to 95.9% in the previous school year, while that figure is 82.5% in the country. From 2008 (944 departments) to this year (1,120 departments), school capacities were increased by as many as 176 departments. Already in the middle of this year, we opened as many as five renovated primary schools and playgrounds. In addition, this year, we are comprehensively renovating seven schools, playgrounds and individual classrooms.

From 2006 to 2021, we allocated 1,271,034,963 EUR for pre-school education, of which 332,468,282 EUR for investments and maintenance, and obtained 20,051,935 EUR in grants. Last year alone, we allocated almost 103 million EUR or one third of the City of Ljubljana budget for pre-school education. From 2006 to 2021, we carried out six new constructions of kindergartens and numerous renovations, restorations, adaptations and renovations of kitchens and playgrounds in order to provide the missing capacities and improve living conditions in kindergartens and schools and replace asbestos roofs in all buildings. Kindergartens and schools are also undergoing comprehensive, anti-seismic and energy renovations.