Friday, 25. 5. 2018

Admission-free cultural heritage tours at the Žale cemetery

During Heritage Days of European Cemeteries organized by the international Association of Significant Cemeteries of Europe the Žale cemetery is offering admission-free tours of the cultural heritage at the cemetery between 28 May and 2 June 2018.

Admission-free tours are scheduled twice a day. A tour guide is waiting in front of the administration building at Plečnik’s Žale (Plečnik’s Propylaea) at 10.00 and 17.00.

Visitors are going to see the famous Plečnik’s Žale, graves of well-known Slovenians, works of renowned architects and sculptors as well as other significant parts of the Žale cemetery, which is in reality an open-air museum.

Cemeteries as cultural heritage are an important part of our history and art, and therefore also tourist landmarks of cities where history and culture of the local residents can be felt. One of them is also the Žale cemetery. Due to its high cultural, historical and artistic value it is one of the most beautiful cemeteries in Europe.

Many giants from our history are buried at the Žale cemetery: poets, writers, sculptors, painters, composers, architects, actors, engineers, politicians, athletes, there are also many graves from World War I and II as well as other landmarks of memory. The cemetery is also important as the second largest city park and is appealing in all seasons of the year.