Wednesday, 10. 8. 2011

Big stars with a big heart

There was a humanitarian campaign supported by superstars from the NBA League in partnership with Slovenian Philanthropy on Tuesday 9 August 2011 on the basketball court at Livada primary school intended to encourage co-operation between diverse nations.

Legendary NBA League basketballers such as Vlado Divac, Rašo Nesterović, Dalibor Bagarić, Žarko Paspalj, Žarko Čabarkapa, Bruno Šundov, Žan Tabak, Dragan Tarlać and others demonstrated that they are not just good players, but also, in partnership with pupils and staff from Livada primary school and volunteers from the 'Basketball without borders' (BWB) international camp and the Slovenian Philanthropy organisation tackled the renovation of sports facilities, painting, setting up benches, putting up basketball hoops etc.

The fantastic relaxed working atmosphere and good mutual co-operation are proof that the goal of the campaign was reached. The multi-ethnic school, multi-ethnic volunteers and multi-ethnic stars are geared to the same goal – to co-operate, which is an excellent prospect for the future.

City of Ljubljana Department for Preschool Learning and Education