Friday, 4. 2. 2022

Bigbelly also in Ljubljana

We have installed sets of Bigbelly smart waste bins at the Ljubljana Castle, along the Koseze Pond and in the Slovenian Reformation Park, consisting of a container for packaging and one for other waste.

By installing Bigbelly smart waste bins in public areas, we are supporting more convenient waste management and developing the concept of a smart city while emphasizing the importance of respect for our common public space.

The public company Voka Snaga will use sensors to monitor the fullness level of bins and adjust their efficient emptying accordingly. The container for other waste also has a built-in press, which increases the volume for waste disposal from 180 to 800 litres, and the entire system is powered by solar energy. Compared to conventional containers, the frequency of emptying the Bigbelly bins is 80% lower.

The Bigbelly bins will be tested for a few months at the Ljubljana Castle, alongside the Koseze Pond and in the Slovenian Reformation Park. We will analyse the amount and composition of collected waste during this time. If the results are good, we will strive to include them in the existing street waste management system and the catalogue of standard street furniture.

Bigbelly waste bins are already set up in over 1,500 cities and 54 countries. They are used in Stockholm, Amsterdam, Paris, Madrid, Hamburg and Zagreb and are currently being tested in Ljubljana.