Thursday, 5. 12. 2019

Booklet Accessible Ljubljana published

Within the scope of marking the International Day of People with Disabilities we are presenting the booklet Accessible Ljubljana, already the 13th in the series Ljubljana – Healthy City.

The booklet, especially with its photos, presents key adjustments and solutions contributing to an ever more accessible Ljubljana. We are directing attention to green public surfaces, an ecological zone in the city centre, built environment, public city transport, programmes and services as well as ways of communicating and releasing information, all with an emphasis on solutions and adaptations enabling access to people with disabilities and the elderly.
We added a special chapter to the booklet in which experts prepared easy-to-read contents. Easy reading is intended for people with cognitive disabilities, people who suffered a head injury or a stroke, people with dementia, people who are still learning the language, and so on.

Ljubljana is a city accessible to all

In the past years, decade, Ljubljana has made great progress in different areas. With the idea of creating a friendly and accessible city for all we have significantly improved the accessibility of the city to people with disabilities. In 2009, for the first action plan, in which we outlined the systematic work in this area, we received a recognition of the Association of Disabled Workers of Slovenia, namely, the certificate »Municipality tailored to the needs of people with disabilities«. Later on, our numerous implemented solutions and further design plans for a city accessible to all won us the prestigious bronze (for 2015) and then the silver (for 2018) Access City Award in the competition for cities accessible to people with disabilities and the elderly organised by the European Commission.