Tuesday, 13. 10. 2009

“Breathe in Ljubljana” exhibition

On the fortieth anniversary of the beginning of the measurement of air pollution in the Municipality of Ljubljana, the City of Ljubljana has prepared an exhibition entitled 'Breathe in Ljubljana'.

Due to its position in a basin and poor air circulation, Ljubljana City endures predominantly poor conditions for the natural dilution of pollutants in the air. At the end of the sixties, due to the over-numerous individual residential heating coal fires, Ljubljana's air was among the most polluted in the world. City and state measures have been adopted since then to improve the situation.

The exhibition showcases the measures that have contributed to the dramatic reduction in emissions of sulphur dioxide gas generated during the combustion process of (fossil) fuels, at that time considered one of the worst air pollutants. Although because of heavy traffic density we still face excessive levels of nitrogen dioxide and the excessive presence of dust particles, the positive story showcased warrants the hope that with the right policies, implementation of effective measures and the concern of individuals, we can achieve our objectives.

In the fight for cleaner air we face challenges upon which it depends whether we will in the future be able to breathe in Ljubljana with full lungs.

The exhibition will be open in the historic atrium of City Hall in Ljubljana daily between 9am and 6pm from 13 October to 8 November 2009.

The City of Ljubljana Department for Environmental Protection