Tuesday, 24. 9. 2019

Call for programme ideas for the European Capital of Culture 2025

We have published an open invitation for the submission of programme ideas for Ljubljana, European Capital of Culture 2025. We are looking for bold, ambitious and development-oriented ideas which will provide us with efficient and innovative answers to the challenges of the future.

The European Capital of Culture is the most important initiative of the European Union in the field of culture strongly directed at development and breakthroughs which are continually increasing the quality of life in a region. As such it doesn’t include only artistic and cultural projects but a broad spectrum of areas linked to culture in one way or another: science, education, social affairs, environment, economy, tourism and others. This is precisely why Ljubljana has decided to include the widest possible array of stakeholders in the process of preparing its candidacy.
The invitation is open until 14 October 2019, and in the meantime we are also preparing a few events to discuss development priorities of the city, the region and the country to which Ljubljana, European Capital of Culture 2025, can offer answers.

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