Thursday, 6. 5. 2021

Call to end homelessness in Europe by 2030

A Social Summit is going to be held in Porto, Portugal, on 7 and 8 May 2021, to address an open letter calling for an end to homelessness in Europe by 2030, signed by numerous members of the European Parliament and mayors of major European cities, among them also Mayor Zoran Janković.

In the City of Ljubljana, we are co-financing the operation of three shelters for the homeless, which can accommodate up to 70 people. The Centre for Social Work Ljubljana manages the shelter on the street Poljanska cesta, ŠENT – the Slovenian Association for Mental Health runs a shelter program for homeless users of illegal drugs, and the Society of Volunteers of the Vincentian Association of Goodness also operates a small shelter. In addition to the shelters at the City of Ljubljana, we have been co-financing accommodation support programs for the homeless for many years, which in Ljubljana are mainly implemented in non-profit rental apartments owned by the City of Ljubljana Public Housing Fund, where tenants carry out these programs. There are about 40 places available for accommodation in these programs.