Monday, 13. 7. 2020

Circular economy good practice: Energetika Ljubljana and Lek

The public company Energetika Ljubljana is now also using the excess heat from the company Lek for district heating, making it another good circular economy practice.

The excess heat in the form of a steam condensate which the company Lek, which is part of the Novartis group, is unable to use up in its processes, but its temperature is still high enough, is now transferred to Energetika Ljubljana and diverted into the district heating system.

Cooperating to lower CO2 emissions

By doing this both partners facilitated a reduction of annual CO2 emissions by saving 1000 tonnes of fuel. The amount of the used heat suffices for heating or preparing domestic hot-water for about 300 apartments, and the water they are saving would fill up over 20 Olympic swimming pools. The project represents a new circular economy good practice in Ljubljana, connecting two different industries – pharmacy and energy.