Friday, 19. 6. 2020

Cycling conference Velo-city to be hosted in 2022

In the beginning of this month Ljubljana was planning to host the Velo-city conference, the biggest annual global summit of the European Cyclists’ Federation.

Due to restrictions because of the coronavirus epidemic we have decided together with the co-organizers, the European Cyclists’ Federation and GR – Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre, to hold the conference between 14 and 17 June 2022.

Ljubljana is a cycling city and we are proud that international experts have recognized our progress in this field and that the European Cyclists’ Federation has entrusted us with the organization of this year’s meeting at which we wanted to highlight the latest activities, guidelines and measures in the field of cycling. In the coming period we will continue to build upon our activities in this area to be able to present the most current urban cycling topics at the conference in two years.

We are convinced that everyday urban cycling improves the quality of life in cities, so promoting it is one of our priorities in the area of ​​sustainable urban development. One of the evidences that we are on the right track is the third consecutive ranking of Ljubljana in the Copenhagenize Index of the 20 most cycling-friendly cities in the world.

About the conference

The Velo-city conference represents the largest global meeting in the field of cycling, cycling infrastructure, cycling innovations, bicycle safety, and the social and cultural changes caused by cycling globally. It is a global communication and information platform aimed at improving the design and provision of cycling infrastructure and promoting day-to-day cycling in urban areas.

Each year it is attended by representatives from local, regional, governmental, non-governmental as well as international organizations and experts from various fields (technology, health, behavioural change, mobility, urban and infrastructure policies and transport in general).