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Did you know: we have four landscape parks in Ljubljana

Did you know that we have four landscape parks in the area of the City of Ljubljana? In addition to the Tivoli, Rožnik and Šiška Hill Landscape Park, there are also the Ljubljana Marshes Landscape Park, the Zajčja dobrava Landscape Park and the Polhov Gradec Dolomites Landscape Park.

The oldest of them is the Zajčja dobrava Landscape Park, proclaimed with a Decree already in 1972 with the aim of preserving the remainder of the indigenous lowland common oak and hornbeam forest in the area between Zadobrovo, Polje and Zalog. This area is now home to many birds, butterflies and beetles. You can also see rabbits there, and so the place was named after them. Namely, cabbage and other vegetables have always been grown there, the ones the rabbits like the most, so there have always been many rabbits there, or maybe people noticed them more often when they ate the vegetables.

The Polhov Gradec Dolomites Landscape Park is located on the western border of the City of Ljubljana. It was proclaimed with a Decree in 1974, and it covers the highest peaks of the Polhov Gradec Dolomites and the hills in the surrounding area. A forest largely covers the area. It is a highly bio-diverse area with many endemic (living only there) species. Here is the natural growing site of the plants Potentilla carniolica and Daphne blagayana.

The Tivoli, Rožnik and Šiška Hill Landscape Park is located in the northwestern part of Ljubljana. It includes the Tivoli City Park and the forest area of Rožnik, Šiška Hill and Koseze Forest with a total area of 459 hectares. The site, protected since 1984, is important both from the point of view of the protection of natural values and landscape features as well as biodiversity conservation and, of course, public health. In the area, which many citizens and other visitors use for quality leisure time spending, over 2,800 species of living organisms are found, and the great biodiversity is complemented by a rich cultural heritage.

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The view of the Ljubljana Marshes Landscape Park.

The youngest of Ljubljana's landscape parks is the Ljubljana Marshes Landscape Park, established in 2008, which covers the largest area with intertwining meadows, fields, hedges and water canals. The area is marked by the Ljubljanica River, co-creating the landscape with humans. The Ljubljanica River is a natural and cultural monument with many prehistoric artifacts found in its bed.