Friday, 4. 11. 2022

EHF EURO 2022: women for women and sustainability

Between 4 and 20 November 2022, fans of women's handball and handball in general can watch the European Women's Handball Championship, Women's EHF EURO 2022, the biggest sports event in Slovenia in 2022 and the most significant international women's sports event in our country so far, held in the Stožice Arena.

Empowering women

This year's championship is much more than just a sporting event, as the organisers also place great emphasis on the empowerment and equality of women and the promotion of their role in our society. They have chosen 20 ambassadors of the championship, successful and exceptional women, each broadening horizons in their field, improving our everyday life, helping society and proving how important women are to our world.


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One of the ambassadors is Deputy Mayor Tjaša Ficko, who responded to the invitation of the Handball Federation of Slovenia to become an ambassador of the championship primarily due to the emphasis on the sustainable organisation of the event and the empowerment of women.


Among the many sustainable activities that will mark this year's championship, we highlight only a few:

• On 10 November 2022, we will ceremoniously plant 16 new fruit trees in front of the Miran Jarc Primary School, symbolising the 16 national teams competing against each other at the European championship.
• The Ljubljana Castle and public passenger transport company Ljubljanski potniški promet organised free-of-charge bus transport from the Ljubljana Castle to Stožice for holders of the Ljubljana Castle tickets and tickets for the handball championship in Stožice during the championship matches.
• Ljubljana Tourism has prepared guidelines on how to act as sustainably as possible during the handball championship.

Bracelets made from old handball jerseys and balls

We also linked the event with the circular economy. In cooperation with the Smetumet organisation, we made bracelets from old handball jerseys and balls, reminding you of the European handball championship for a long time. Each bracelet is made by hand, with the collected jerseys and shirts carefully cleaned, sorted, cut into strips and designed into bracelets. All used handballs were also washed before cutting small circles out of them.

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The bracelets were handmade in Slovenia by women with migrant backgrounds, and the children of the Janez Levec Centre Ljubljana labelled the bracelets.

Schedule of matches

With the slogan Play with Heart, the 15th European Women's Handball Championship EHF EURO will take place in Ljubljana, Celje, Skopje (Macedonia) and Podgorica (Montenegro). 

Ljubljana will host Group A of the preliminary round, the main round group and the final match in the Stožice Arena. The schedule can be found here