Monday, 28. 11. 2016

Urban Electric Train

On Saturday, 26 November 2016, the electric train Urban began its tourist round-trip, connecting all the major attractions of Ljubljana. Until the end of December, the promotional price is valid.

There is an attractive tourist round-trip by the electric train Urban available in Ljubljana, connecting the city's main attractions, from the Town Hall to Ljubljana Castle, Špica and the starting point for the Botanical Garden, Trnovski Pristan, Plečnik’s house in Krakovo, Roman wall, Križanke, renovated Slovenska cesta, Congress Square, the Parliament and Prešernova cesta. Along the way, passengers will see the Opera house, the Modern and National Gallery, continue down Cankarjeva cesta towards Slovenska cesta and the Ajdovščina bus stop and further on along Dalmatinova ulica and Miklošičeva cesta through Prešeren Square back to the starting point (Stritarjeva) at the Town Hall. The route is 8.5 km long. This more than an hour ride around Ljubljana can be, on prior booking, accompanied and presented by a tour guide of the Ljubljana Tourism. An audio clip, played inside the electric train, will soon be available to tourists.

The electric vehicle Urban will encircle the centre of Ljubljana every two hours, four times a day. The first run is scheduled every day at 11am, the next two are at 1 pm and 3 pm, and the last one at 5 pm. There is a separate space aboard the electric train Urban modified to accommodate passengers with disabilities. The starting and the end point of the circle line, the "Town Hall" stop, is located on Stritarjeva street, near the Town Hall, however passengers can catch the electric train at any of the above mentioned stops. Urban will operate daily, with exception of bad weather conditions. The stops are named after main tourist attractions and are marked with green boards, fitted with a QR code to enter the website with all relevant notifications.
The train can accommodate up to 47 passengers.  Individual passengers can take the train without prior notice.
The payment of fares will either be made in cash or by non-cash methods. Passenger will buy a paper ticket from the train operator. The payment will be made in cash, by an Urbana card balance (for one or more passengers), an the Urbana Mobile phone App, the Urbana Tourist Card, a voucher verifying an advance payment for groups, or by Maestro, Mastercard, Visa or Diners Club cards.

Trips are free of charge for children under 3 years of age. A ticket for a child under 12 years costs EUR 4.00, an adult ticket costs EUR 8.00. Until the end of the year, the promotional price of the ticket is EUR 2.00 for children and EUR 4.00 for adults.
A day ticket will buy one round-trip at any time of the day, from 11am to 6pm. All forms of payment except Moneta enable passengers to get off the train at any stop and catch it again before the end of all day trips. In case a passenger should not have an Urbana card with them, they can buy one from the train Urban operator. The price of an empty Urbana card is EUR 2.00.

The electric train Urban announces a demanding upgrade of LPP vehicle fleet to environmentally friendly fuel, electricity and methane-powered vehicles. In cooperation with the Municipality of Ljubljana and Javni Holding Ljubljana, LPP acquired 38 new buses powered by compressed natural gas and 20 electric cars EURBAN this year only, and the company soon plans to enrich so far accomplished green measures with the improved accessibility of the city by the electric bus.
Up-to-date information of train rides is available at and at stops of the circle line.