Tuesday, 18. 5. 2010

Emona: myth and reality

The exhibition Emona: Myth and Reality provides a comprehensive overview of the Roman city of Emona, built two millenniums ago on the site of the present-day Ljubljana.

Learn about the city's birth, life and decline, the everyday life of its residents, and the heritage they left behind.

The Roman colony Emona was founded on the site of the present-day Ljubljana almost precisely 2000 years ago. The remnants of the city, which had existed for 500 years, were being explored already in the Middle Ages. Since then, the knowledge about the ancient predecessor of Ljubljana has grown tremendously, but the most recent archaeological explorations carried out in the centre of Ljubljana have yielded yet another set of remarkable new findings.

The exhibition shows the history of Emona and explains interesting facts about Roman times. Including comparisons with the city's life today and various interactive displays, it offers an opportunity for viewers to form their own impressions of what life was like two millenniums years ago.

The legacy of the time of classical antiquity as personified by the city of Emona is still present in everyday life today. Visitors to the exhibition have an opportunity to get an insight into how the gains of the Roman and Emonian culture and civilization are reflected in the present-day art, architecture, literature and politics, how the legacy of Emona intertwines with the urban tissue of the present-day Ljubljana, and how it has become part of Ljubljanians' identity.


Emona: Myth and Reality - historical exhibition

City Museum of Ljubljana

18 May 2010 - 31 Dec 2010
Tuesday to Sunday 10 a.m. – 18 p.m. Mondays and 25-26 December closed.