Friday, 13. 9. 2019

EMW 2019 – Walk with us!

For 18 consecutive years the City of Ljubljana is taking part in the European Mobility Week, the biggest international campaign for the promotion of sustainable mobility. This year the campaign slogan is Walk with us!

Different one-day events, weekly-long activities and several sustainable measures in the week between 16 and 22 September 2019 are focusing above all on the promotion of walking – as this year’s slogan is »Walk with us!« – and also on further improvement of conditions for cycling, public transport and other sustainable modes of mobility.
In this departments and services of the City Administration, public companies and institutes of the City of Ljubljana are joined by other organisations, with Ljubljana’s kindergartens and primary schools particularly actively involved. Together we are preparing numerous activities directed at walking as the most natural, healthy and time and again surprisingly relaxing mode of mobility. Too often we are forgetting this and are completely unnecessarily using cars even for short distances. Following the slogan »Walk with us!« we want to change this and stress that a big problem of the modern society is lack of physical activity of citizens which is largely supported
by excessive use of personal cars.

By taking part in the European Mobility Week you are also contributing to spreading the message that by walking, cycling and using public transport we can all do more for an even »greener« future and higher quality of life in Ljubljana and the wider area.

During ETM 2019 we are planning 13 sustainable measures, 17 week-long activities and 48 events and one-day activities.