Thursday, 18. 10. 2018

Energy advanced: energy renovations of buildings under the ownership of the City of Ljubljana

In the field of efficient use of energy, we have been carrying out energy renovations of buildings under the ownership of the municipality since 2013.

The renovations are performed according to the principle of energy contracting

In the beginning we have been carrying out energy renovations of buildings only through public tenders and have been utilising all available financial initiatives. Nowadays we are increasingly preforming renovations following the public-private partnership model according to the principle of energy contracting.It is the biggest public-private partnership project in Slovenia in the field of energy contracting. The total investment is worth 14.9 million euro, excluding VAT.

Energy renovations fall within the framework of smart solutions

The renovations will reduce the use energy products in certain buildings and the installation of the water/water heating systems will contribute to the increase of renewable energy sources and consequentially to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. By doing this we will preserve as many as 172,000 trees (150,000 trees with the first phase renovations and 22,000 trees with the second phase).

Energy renovations also carried out through public tenders

We are continuing with the renovations of the buildings the private partner is not interested in through public tenders. This way, also with the support from cohesion funds, we renovated five kindergartens in 2017, the total value of investments is estimated at 2,040,827 euro, with 568,692 euro co-financing from funds of the European Union and the Republic of Slovenia.

Citizens of Ljubljana have gained 48 energy renovated buildings

In 2017 we signed concession agreements with the consortium of companies Petrol and GGE (now Resalta) and in 2018 concluded the energy renovation of all 48 public buildings under the ownership of the City of Ljubljana, among them cultural and healthcare structures, educational institutions, sports facilities and also city administration buildings. Among these buildings 25 had comprehensive energy renovations carried out in line with the Rules on Efficient Use of Energy in Buildings (Pravilnik o učinkoviti rabi energije v objektih – PURES) and requirements laid down in the European Energy Performance of Buildings Directive.

Second phase of energy renovations of buildings in the City of Ljubljana ahead of us

photo: Nik Rovan

On 4 October 2018, at the Ljubljana Castle, Mayor Zoran Janković and the Chairmen of the Board of Petrol d.d. Tomaž Berločnik, Msc, signed a contract on the continuation of the public-private partnership between the City of Ljubljana and the consortium of companies Petrol, Resalta and the public lighting company Javna razsvetljava d.d. according to the principle of energy contracting.

Within the framework of the partnership we are going to renovate further 11 structures ­– 4 primary schools, 3 kindergartens, 2 local self-government buildings and 2 sports structures, and by doing so we are going to additionally reduce the use of energy products and increase the share of renewable resources which will consequentially reduce the greenhouse gas emissions. In this way we are going to preserve as many as 22,000 trees. If we add to this the 150,000 trees we have already preserved in the first part of the project, we have preserved over 170,000 trees in total.

At the signing of the contract Mayor Zoran Janković emphasised that it is the responsibility of all of us to preserve our environment and thus to ensure a high quality of life for the coming generations. He added that Ljubljana is a beautiful city made even more beautiful by the people who are investing their efforts and are taking part in projects such as this one, because by doing so they are promoting a high quality of life and a beautiful future for our city.