Monday, 14. 9. 2009

European mobility week

This is the eighth consecutive year in which the City of Ljubljana will participate in the European mobility week which runs from 16 to 22 September, and concludes with the Car Free Day.

European Mobility Week (16 to 22 September 2009)

The motto of this year's European Mobility Week (EMW) “My city's good climate” seeks to highlight for citizens the "climate" created by urban environmental quality (air, noise, traffic safety, public spaces) as well as the social cohesion of the population and the general atmosphere as well as attention to the consequences of climate change, which many experts rank among the greatest environmental, social and economic threats to humanity.

The main emphasis of activities will be to stimulate the use of public transport, alternative means of transport and walking. All week, the use of the city's buses will be free for all users of the city's Urbana unitary travel pass. While users will still swipe the cards on entering the bus, the system will not deduct credit from the card. Furthermore, all week Urbana card holders will be entitled to free parking at the city's Park and Ride sites at Rudnik and Dolgi Most, where cards will also be on sale from 16 to 22 September.

Car Free Day (22 September 2009)

The City of Ljubljana's Council for Prevention and Education in Road Safety has invited all staff of the City Administration, public companies and public institutes to sign a Declaration – a driver’s undertaking to be "In town without my car, and thus confirm their decision that they will come into town on foot, by bike or by public transport. Meanwhile, this is also a call to reconsider the rational use of the car throughout the year.

On the Car Free Day, Tuesday 22 September, all traffic apart from city buses, taxis and vehicles with City of Ljubljana permits will be excluded from midnight to midnight from the area between Dalmatinova ulica, Komenskega ulica, Resljeva cesta, Kopitarjeva ulica, the tunnel under the castle, Karlovška cesta, Zoisova cesta, Aškerčeva cesta, Trg MDB, Bleiweisova cesta and Gosposvetska ulica (a map is available in the attachment). Suppliers will be permitted to enter the closed zone from 6am to 9.30am.

Slovenska cesta will be closed to all traffic from midnight to midnight on the stretch between Aškerčeva cesta and Gosposvetska cesta, on which activities connected to Car Free Day are to take place.

Activities running from 16 to 22 September 2009

Ljubljana Public Transport Information Points; from 10am to 6pm; on Saturday to 11pm

  • promotion and sales of the Urbana unitary city transport card
  • education on using Urbana in the city public transport system
  • conducting surveys on the use of public transport and the meaning of EMW

Advice on using Urbana

Bavarski dvor; from 7am (on Saturday and Sunday from 9am) until 7pm

  • advisers from the City's Public Transport Company will be on hand at the Urbanomats on both sides of Dunajska cesta to help users to top up their Urbana cards with credit

Information point at the office of the European Commission's delegation to the Republic of Slovenia and the European Parliament's Information Office in Slovenia
In front of the building at Breg 14; from 10am to 4pm (on Saturday until 2pm)

  • promotion of an environmentally friendly lifestyle with diverse informational literature (Ecojourney leaflet, instructions for environmentally friendly households, offices and schools etc)
  • Wheel of Fortune prize draw, in which passers by will be able to compete for practical, environmentally-friendly prizes, and the main prize Poni, by demonstrating their knowledge of sustainable mobility

City of Ljubljana Department for Environmental Protection

  • measurements of air pollution by SO2, NOx, PM10 in BTX at the junction of Tivolska and Vošnjakova ulicas
  • noise measurements with a portable meter at various points within and outside the traffic barriers
  • promotion of public transport use with informational leaflets; an Urbana card with two precredited chips will be attached to the 500th copy of the leaflet – copies will be distributed at public car parks on Car Free Day, 22 September

The City's traffic wardens will:

  • carry out intensified surveillance of parked traffic within the traffic barriers - especially taking action against those parked on pavements, bicycle paths, footpaths, pedestrian crossings, pedestrian areas, green spaces and bus shelters and
  • ensuring the smooth flow of traffic, pedestrians and events carrying on as part of EMW.

Ljubljana Police will execute strict control over:

  • illegal parking and stopping on bus stops and illegal vehicles on yellow lanes intended for city buses
  • illegal parking and stopping on cycle paths
  • speed and failure to obey duties to pedestrians

This year, those taking part in EMW include:

The City of Ljubljana City Administration (Department for Environmental Protection, Civitas Elan project, city traffic wardens, The Council for Education and Prevention in Road Safety), The Ljubljana Public Transport Public Company, the Ljubljana Car Parks and Markets Public Company, Ljubljana Tourist Board, The European Commission Delegation to Slovenia, Evropa Centre, Ljubljana Sports Association, CINDI Slovenia, Urban Planning Institute of the Republic of Slovenia, Lucky Luka roller blading and rollerskating school, AMZS, Ljubljana Police, The Republic of Slovenia Council for Education and Prevention in Road Safety, the Republic of Slovenia Communications Office, Ljubljana Urban Region Regional Development Agency, The Ljubljana City Association of Friends of Youth and the Planet Zemlja Association.