Thursday, 14. 9. 2023

European Mobility Week already 22 years in Ljubljana

This is already the 22nd consecutive year that the City of Ljubljana has been participating in the European Mobility Week, the biggest international campaign for the promotion of sustainable mobility, held every year between 16 and 22 September.

Again this year, we are paying additional attention to raising awareness of the benefits of walking, cycling, using public transport and other sustainable modes of travel through various one-day events, weekly activities and permanent measures.

Safe and sustainable routes are at the core of this year's Mobility Week

The central theme of this year's European Mobility Week is »Save Energy«, and in the City of Ljubljana, we have built upon that slogan to »Safe and Sustainable Routes«, as this emphasizes that all year long, together with our partners, we strive to ensure that sustainable routes are also safe. Motorized traffic increases the risks of many undesirable effects, from traffic accidents to health risks, which can also be hidden or appear gradually. This could be avoided by the thoughtful use of sustainable mobility, which opens the door to more efficient and healthier modes of travel. At the same time, we also want to highlight the financial advantages that the decision for sustainable modes of mobility brings in the long term to both individuals and society. Again this year, the varied program is intended for all age groups and the diverse interests of all citizens.

Permanent measures of the European Mobility Week 2023 in Ljubljana

1. Bike park in Podutik

We will open a new bike park in Podutik along Dolniška cesta, which is already the seventh bike park in Ljubljana. It is intended for playing and skill training with various types of driving aids, everything from bicycles, kick scooters, skateboards, rollerblades and rollerskates to push cars, and it spans over about 1000 m2.

2. Start of renovation works on Linhartova cesta

We expect to begin renovation works on Linhartova cesta in September, during which we will construct new, more comfortable and safer areas for pedestrians and cyclists, an additional priority lane for public traffic and plant 100 new trees along its sides.

3. Renovation of Litijska cesta between Hruševska cesta and Kajuhova ulica

In September, we will renovate an approximately 350 m long section of Litijska cesta between Hruševska cesta and Kajuhova ulica. We will improve the quality of surfaces for pedestrians, cyclists and public transport users and plant some 20 new trees. Within the framework of the road reconstruction, we will carry out a thorough renovation of all traffic areas, including the upgrade of the road lighting, traffic lights at intersections and drainage.

4. Implementation of selected permanent measures in all district communities of the City of Ljubljana

In each of the 17 district communities, we plan to implement one permanent, sustainable measure chosen by the individual district community. The purpose of the measure is to encourage sustainable mobility, revive the public space, connect the community, improve traffic safety and accessibility, and improve the quality of life in neighbourhoods in general. We asked all 17 district communities to propose a selection of measures, from which we will choose one in each district and implement them before the coming European Mobility Week.

5. Planting of 15 LPP bus stop roofs

As part of the permanent measures of the European Mobility Week, we continue planting LPP bus stop roofs. We are planting the roofs with exclusively autochthonous plants grown in the University Botanic Gardens Ljubljana, which are resistant to drought and high levels of solar radiation and are attractive to bees and other pollinators. The planting will continue throughout September, while during the EMW 2023, the roofs of the bus stop on Roška cesta and Ambrožev trg will be planted.

6. Special pedestrian crossing

We will design a creative pedestrian crossing on the renovated Ižanska cesta. By doing so, we will ensure that the paths of the youngest and most vulnerable road users will be even safer.

7. Carrying out a study of travel habits

We will start conducting a survey of travel habits in the City of Ljubljana, which will show us which modes of travel we use in the City of Ljubljana and the Ljubljana Urban Region.

8. Adoption of the Strategic Plan for Accessibility

In 2023, the City Council of the City of Ljubljana will discuss the Strategic Plan for Accessibility in the City of Ljubljana. With this document, prepared in cooperation with representative organizations, we set guidelines for ensuring better accessibility for everyone and adapting external public areas also for people with disabilities.

9. Payment on buses with debit cards

Before the end of 2023, debit card payment for fares directly on LPP buses will be possible.

10. The new Urbana application

With the trial period concluded, we are permanently introducing the new Urbana application for an even simpler and more comfortable user experience.