Wednesday, 18. 1. 2023

Extraordinary effects of the title of Ljubljana, European Best Destination 2022

The prestigious title European Best Destination 2022, which Ljubljana held last year, brought us a lot of promotion worth over 10 million euros.

The news about Ljubljana being declared the winning destination was seen by four million travellers from around the world on the website of the European Best Destinations organization alone, and with the coverage by the media partners of this renowned organization, the news reached over 420 million people worldwide. As Maximilien Lejeune, director of European Best Destinations, pointed out when Ljubljana was declared the best destination in Europe: »World travellers love Ljubljana, it boasts an exceptional quality of life, green areas, accessibility, safety, tolerance, it is a multicultural, optimistic, sporty and family-friendly destination.« He said it is a model for destinations around the world, and this time the European Best Destinations organisation highlighted the extraordinary media success that the announcement brought to Ljubljana. With the support of their media partners Forbes US and Condé Nast Traveler, the news about Ljubljana as the best destination in Europe in 2022 reached more than 420 million travellers from around the world, the estimated value of this type of promotion is over 10 million euros and has long-term effects. Ljubljana thus received strong media support from renowned media such as Forbes, Condé Nast, Yahoo, Geo and others, as well as intensive promotion among travellers and the professional public in the tourism sector.

»Thanks to the incredible international support given to Ljubljana, its strong identity and branding of its tourist offer, tourist activities, and partnerships with hotels, shops and institutions, Ljubljana won this important recognition and received international promotion worth over 10 million euros. »Congratulations to the entire team for this incredible achievement,« they added at the European Best Destinations organisation.

Ljubljana is also the best European Green Capital so far

In 2021, Ljubljana was also declared the best European Green Capital, the value of promoting that title was 1.6 million euros. In addition to the news published on the main website, it was also highlighted in the American magazine Forbes USA, which focuses mainly on finance, industry, investments and marketing, and has almost 80 million readers.