Thursday, 25. 11. 2021

Festive December in Ljubljana

The December events in Ljubljana begin on Friday 26 November when the festive lights go on. The festive programme in the magnificently decorated old town centre will last until 2 January 2022.

The festive lights will be switched on in the traditional way on the Friday before the first Advent Sunday, that is on 26 November. The wonderful light decoration of the city, with the slogan “Omnipotence – Power of All”, is the work of Urban Modic. This year’s decorative lighting illustrates mutual connection, and under the slogan “Vsemoč – moč vseh” (Omnipotence – Power of All) it symbolises the old Slovenian saying “Power lies in harmony!”. The project focuses on the significance of individual elements of the universe, life and the community, which when connected create fantastic systems. The project comprises approximately 850 sculptures and figures.

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In addition to a chain of lights 50 kilometres long, Ljubljana is decorated with ten spruce trees and 79 “Green Trees” on Wolfova, Čopova, Stritarjeva and Trubarjeva streets; these are Christmas trees that will be returned to nature after the holidays. Help in decorating the little “Green Trees” forest on Wolfova Street will come from pupils of Ljubljana primary schools, and we invite the people of the city to decorate the little forests on Stritarjeva and Čopova streets and to become part of the story of festive Ljubljana. We would also ask you not to buy new ornaments, but to bring ones you already have at home.

Nativity scenes made of straw are set up on the Gallus Embankment. A special feature of these traditional Christmas cribs or nativity scenes is that the figures, crafted by Anton Kravanja, are made life-sized.

New Year fireworks will light up the sky above Ljubljana Castle on 31 December at exactly midnight.