Monday, 19. 11. 2018

First hybrid buses driving in Ljubljana next year

In the public procurement for 17 rigid city buses using natural gas we have chosen MERCEDES BENZ CITARO NGT HYBRID. By choosing environment friendly buses we are following the principles of sustainable mobility and development of our city we have committed ourselves to a decade ago.

The delivery period for the buses is 9 months, and so the first hybrid buses are expected to start driving in Ljubljana next summer.

The price of a bus is 267,600 EUR, VAT excluded. The total value of buses is 4,549,200 EUR, VAT excluded, and we are going to receive a grant in the amount of 3,400,000 EUR.

The MERCEDES BENZ CITARO NGT HYBRID buses have a built-in engine using natural gas as fuel and in addition an electric engine. With these first hybrid buses in Ljubljana we are reinforcing the protection of our environment.

The buses are distinguished by low fuel consumption (up to 15% lower in comparison to similar buses), which means lower emissions of CO2 and other harmful gases produced during combustion. The silent operation of the motor also reduces the noise pollution in the environment.

At the largest global show of commercial vehicles IAA in Hannover, the MERCEDES BENZ CITARO NGT HYBRID bus was declared the Bus of the Year 2019 by an international jury comprised of experts from 26 countries.

The acquisition of hybrid buses falls within the scope of smart solutions aimed at further improving the quality of life of our citizens.