Saturday, 30. 4. 2022

Fourteen years caring for amphibians along the road Večna pot

This year we are continuing the amphibian protection project in the Tivoli, Rožnik and Šiška Hill Landscape Park, within which members of the Herpetological Society – Societas herpetologica slovenica are organizing the transfer of amphibians across the road on a section of Večna pot.

The first high temperatures and precipitations prompt the amphibians to make the annual journey to spawning grounds, where reproduction and spawning (egg-laying) occur in puddles, ponds, fishponds and other suitable water bodies. Along this path, amphibians often cross roads and other routes, which can be fatal.

On the most exposed section of Večna pot, an average of 2,000 to 4,000 amphibians are transferred each year, the number was the highest in 2015, with as many as 4,500 individuals. According to the Herpetological Society, toads are the most numerous – about 90%, followed by brown frogs, of which 8% are common frogs and 1% are agile frogs.

With the measures for the protection of amphibians, we contribute to the greater survival of this animal group. Frogs and other amphibians repay us for our protection efforts in the summer months – for instance, brown frogs also feed on mosquito larvae, thus reducing the occurrence of these less popular insects on summer evenings.

Along Večna pot and on the bike path that runs along the former Pioneer Railway route, we have set up traffic signs that alert traffic participants to reduce their driving speed on this section. Please comply with them.