Friday, 11. 3. 2022

Gathering for peace in Ukraine

Ljubljana joins the initiative of the Eurocities network of European cities to unite all members of the Russian and Ukrainian communities as a sign of friendship between nations and the desire for peace. All who wish to send a message of peace are invited to gather on Saturday, 12 March 2022, at noon, at Prešeren Square.

Ljubljana is a city where we live together and respect diversity, so we believe that war cannot solve problems, it can only deepen them. All potential disagreements must be resolved peacefully, with a great deal of tolerance, mutual understanding and respect.
Ljubljana's central square has a monument to our greatest poet, whose Toast is also our anthem. Its main message is that there should be mutual respect and friendship between (neighbouring) nations. Therefore, we believe that Prešeren Square is a suitable gathering place for all those who want peace in Ukraine as soon as possible and elsewhere in the world.