Tuesday, 13. 12. 2022

Get to know the story of Ljubljana's holiday lighting

The festively lit and decorated Ljubljana is adorned with as many as 850 sculptures and shapes. Urban Modic, the author of this year's lighting, gave the story the title Common mind/community spirit, dedicating it to everyone living with multiple sclerosis.

The core element of the decoration is the central nervous system, the brain of the city, decorating the Prešeren Square. Neurons, as carriers of information, travel along the Ljubljanica River, which acts as the main artery, via the embankments Petkovškovo nabrežje, Gallusovo nabrežje and Breg. This is the representation of the bio-mechanical aspect of the organism, the urban tissue as a skeleton and other physical components of the body. Metaphysical elements are reflected in the form of mathematics or geometry as the primary language of interpretation of the universe and through art as the starting point of abstract thought. In this way, living content, people and other urban creatures are added to the urban fabric, which can be described as the spirit (essence) of the intelligent urban organism, Ljubljana.

Ljubljana is shown as an organism that parallels thinking beings. The urban fabric is divided into features that present the organism in a mechanical sense and those that represent a metaphysical, that is, intellectual aspect. Separately but in context, established, newly conceived and supplemented stories of the origin of life, the universe and others are also presented.

Map of the holiday lighting

You can discover the story behind the individual lighting arrangements bon the virtual map on the Ljubljana Tourism website.