Saturday, 20. 11. 2021

How do you feel? on World Children's Day

20 November, World Children's Day, is this year marked by mental health and the Unicef Slovenia campaign How do you feel. In the City of Ljubljana, we pay special attention to children and adolescents with various projects, programs and activities.

Message from Mayor Zoran Janković to children

Dear children,

on World Children's Day, we pay special attention to you. In Ljubljana, we think of you every day and strive to provide you with the best conditions in kindergartens and schools, and we also try to provide conditions for you to be able to spend your free time in a quality way. We believe that investing in your health, education and knowledge is the best investment for the future.

Currently, due to the coronavirus, times are truly trying, the virus and associated measures have hit you hard, as well. I know it is not easy for you, still, I believe that together we can overcome this if we maintain friendly relations, encourage each other in doing good deeds and, by respecting the measures, show solidarity and responsibility towards ourselves and others.

Our principals and teachers support you. I also ask parents to trust them, as they only want the best for the children.

Dear children, above all, I urge you to look to the future with optimism. I am definitely optimistic when I listen to your ideas and follow your achievements.