Monday, 16. 5. 2022

In Ljubljana, May is dedicated to bees

In Ljubljana, we pay attention to bees all year round, as we are aware that there is no life without bees and other pollinators. We put them in the forefront, especially in May, when we celebrate World Bee Day, which the United Nations proclaimed on the initiative of Slovenia.

As part of the celebration of the month of bees, the Glass Atrium of the City Hall hosts the exhibition Bee in Ljubljana, which presents a variety of events in the field of urban beekeeping, which has flourished in Ljubljana in recent years. Visitors can get acquainted with the Bee Path, which was designed within the framework of the Ljubljana – European Green Capital 2016 program, and now represents a movement, bringing together beekeepers, suppliers of bee produce and products, specialized shops with bee motives and suppliers of honey deserts and drinks, its members are also various cultural and educational institutions and specialized companies, and associated are also areas of biodiversity and cultural landmarks in the city.

The exhibition also presents the experience and knowledge we are successfully disseminating to other European cities in the European projects BeePathNet – the network of bee paths and BeePathNet Reloaded.