Thursday, 10. 6. 2010

June 2010 in ljubljana

Light entertainment by day, high culture by night – available in the heart of the city free of charge.

On Friday 11 June 2010, the stage set up in Ljubljana's Prešernov trg square will host the opening of the festival June in Ljubljana 2010.

During the festival, which will close on 27 June, city life in Ljubljana will be livened up by over 60 free events held in the city's central square. The events taking place in the morning will be particularly intended for children. Afternoons will be reserved for light dance and music acts, and evenings for top quality dance, theatre and music performances.

It is since last year that the name June in Ljubljana has been used in reference to the regular annual series of events taking place on the stage in the Prešernov trg square in June. Also this year, the programme of events will feature dance, theatre and music performances intended for people of all generations.

Junije 2010 vin Ljubljania is a project of the City of Ljubljana and the public service enterprise Ljubljana Tourism. It is the largest open-air festival held in the centre of Ljubljana to offer a programme of top quality cultural events to s free of charge. Being an important new addition to the vibrancy and quality of the street life of Ljubljana, the June in Ljubljana festival has been received with huge acclaim. Its programme of events is also attractive to the residents of the greater city area and numerous tourists from abroad.

Also this year, the festival will have a lot to offer to ballet lovers. The stage in the Prešernov trg square will host top quality performances from the ensembles of the Slovenian National Opera and Ballet Theatres of Ljubljana and Maribor, expected to attract large numbers of visitors. The lovers of other forms of dance will also be able to find something for themselves, and so will theatre lovers. The festival will offer an opportunity to attend concerts by top music artists from Slovenia and several performers from abroad. Apart from a concert featuring Ljubljana's brass bands and a choral music concert, the programme of events will feature concerts of popular music, including Dixieland and jazz, among others. During daytime hours, the stage will host events intended for the youngest audiences. Children will be able to attend puppet shows performed by the Ljubljana Puppet Theatre, Glej Theatre and Ljubljana Mini Theatre, as well as dance shows performed by the the Kazina Dance School.

What is special about this year's June in Ljubljana festival is that its programme of events is related to the project Ljubljana – World Book Capital 2010.

For more information and the programme of events visit the official website of the Ljubljana Tourism