Monday, 24. 7. 2017

Kabiné Šerinjon, first Slovenian clothing e-library

Kabiné Šerinjon is the name of a mobile platform enabling its users to rent items of clothing and fashion accessories by Slovenian designers and vintage clothing from the Reuse Centre without any charge.

The project promotes critical thinking, it questions the ownership of constantly new things which is taken for granted, it is based on collaborative consumption, that is, joint use, and is the fruit of the co-operation between three faculties in Ljubljana – Faculty of Health Sciences, Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering and Faculty of Computer and Information Science – and the public waste management company Snaga Ljubljana.

Kabiné Šerinjon is changing the relationship with goods and uncovering the dark side of the fast fashion, which is inhumanely exploiting individuals and the society out of our sight. The aim of the project »The Dark Side of Fast Fashion« is to raise awareness using the website and the mobile application Kabiné Šerinjon, which enables its users to rent high-quality unique fashion clothing and accessories by Slovenian fashion designers and vintage clothing.

We want to encourage consumers to start thinking about justice, (co)responsibility, sustainability, ethics and to make decisions (sharing, joint use, exchange, reuse of clothing) which are better for the people and the environment at home and around the world. The project was designed within the project framework »Project Work with Economy in Local and Regional Environment – Creative Path to Knowledge 2016/2017«, which is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union from the European Social Fund.

The project is also one of the circular economy examples in the City of Ljubljana. All are listed here. The official website of the project is