Friday, 22. 10. 2021

Let's choose the Tree of the Year 2021 together

From the proposals sent to us by our citizens during the summer for the title of Tree of the Year 2021, we have selected seven finalists, and the decision on the winner is again left to the citizens. Voting is open until 20 November 2021.

This year we have received 32 proposals for the Tree of the Year. Among them, an expert jury selected seven finalists, and the final decision is again to be handed over to the citizens.

Which tree should be Tree of the Year 2021?

1. Black poplar in the park at the street Jamova cesta.


2. Silk tree in the park between the streets Celjska ulica and Ptujska ulica (at Ptujska ulica 22).


3. Oak at the children's playground Bonifacija, between apartment buildings at the street Tržaška cesta.


4. Caucasian wingnut at the crossroads of the streets Linhartova ulica, Knobleharjeva ulica and Fabianijeva ulica.


5. Black poplar at the embankment Hribarjevo nabrežje (in front of the bar Solist).


6. Horse chestnut at the street Parmova ulica, between the buildings on Parmova 49 and 51.


7. Tree of Heaven on the corner of the streets Resljeva ulica and Čufarjeva ulica.


 You can cast your vote here.