Thursday, 9. 7. 2020

Ljuba and Drago in the run for the Wellbeing Cities 2020 award

The project Ljuba and Drago ¬– an old city bus transformed into a mobile youth centre – is in the finals for the Wellbeing Cities 2020 award.

The mobile youth centre is competing for the award in the category Supporting cohesive communities. Young people were invited to take part already in the conception phase, and later on they also participated in the physical transformation of the bus, the design of the overall look and the conception of the programme. Ljuba and Drago are bringing the youth together in district communities, promoting cooperation, creativity, socializing and strengthening the feeling of belonging.

Wellbeing Cities 2020

The award is presented by NewCities, an international non-governmental organisation headquartered in Canada with the mission of developing and promoting innovative and research-based programmes for city development. In addition to Ljuba and Drago, projects from Brussels, El Paso and New York are competing for the award.
The winners are going to be announced on 15 September at the annual NewCities conference in Montreal.