Thursday, 30. 5. 2019

Ljubljana again received the label Slovenia Green Destinations Gold

We have received already the second prestigious label Slovenia Green Destination Gold, awarded by the Slovenian Tourist Board. And so, we are still one of the most successful destinations in the Green Scheme of Slovenian Tourism.

Sustainable tourism as Ljubljana’s mission

In 2015, Ljubljana was the first destination in Slovenia to receive the title Slovenia Green Destination.
In the Strategy for the Sustainable Development of Slovenian Tourism 2017-2021 Slovenia defined the sustainable orientation as its only true opportunity for development and described its tourist services. Sustainable tourism is also Ljubljana’s mission, distinguished by high environmental consciousness, and at the same time we were able to preserve the green image. We are proud recipients of the title European Green Capital 2016 and other international awards for sustainable tourism.

We were awarded the gold certificate upon receiving an average mark of 8.5 based on sustainable criteria and indicators in different areas: destination management, nature and landscape, environment and climate, culture and tradition, social climate and operation of tourist companies.
Ljubljana is not emphasising sustainable development as a competitive advantage of the destination Ljubljana, but as a basic conceptual approach. Sustainable development of tourism is no longer a question that allows a choice, but a necessity due to demand and ever more limited resources in an environment with increasing competitiveness.

Green Scheme of Slovenian Tourism

The Green Scheme of Slovenian Tourism is a national programme and a certification scheme which under the umbrella label SLOVENIA GREEN integrates all efforts for sustainable tourism development in Slovenia, it offers destinations and providers of tourist services concrete tools for the evaluation and improvement of sustainable activities and promotes these green activities through the label Slovenia Green. The key strategic aim of the scheme is the introduction of sustainable models in Slovenian tourism, both on the level of providers of tourist services and destinations. All strategic orientation aims are accompanied by sustainable development and concern for the economic, social and cultural as well as natural environment.