Thursday, 24. 5. 2018

Ljubljana Botanic Garden among the best in the world

The Ljubljana Botanic Garden was among the first in the world to receive the botanic gardens accreditation from the Botanic Gardens Conservation International.

Only six other botanic gardens, in addition to the one in Ljubljana, received the aforementioned accreditation. The Botanic Gardens Conservation International awarded three types of recognitions, and the Ljubljana Botanic Garden received an accreditation certificate with a golden seal valid for five years, which means, it satisfied all required criteria.

Among the necessary criteria were:

  • garden with plants of natural origin,
  • collection of native plants,
  • documented collection of plants,
  • recorded seed bank.

Among other criteria were education and training as well as cooperation with the local community and other gardens.

Over 200 years of continuous operation of the Ljubljana Botanic Garden

The Ljubljana Botanic Garden has been in operation ever since 1810. It was designed by Franc Hladnik (1773-1844), who was its first principal and also a natural science and botany lecturer.

Since 1991 the Botanic Garden on Ig Street is protected as a monument of designed nature on the local level and in 2008 it was also awarded the status of a monument of national importance. It is considered the oldest botanical garden in the south-eastern part of Europe, and on the European scale it is of medium age.