Wednesday, 10. 5. 2023

Ljubljana celebrates

Again this year, Ljubljana marked 9 May, the city holiday, with the traditional march on the Path along the Wire and the triples run. On the holiday, we also presented the highest recognitions of the City of Ljubljana, with the Honorary Citizen titles at the top.

We completed the green ring around Ljubljana

With the march held each year, we remember the courage of our ancestors who resisted the occupiers who encircled Ljubljana with barbed wire. This year, we embarked on the Path along the Wire between 4 and 6 May. On the first day, children from Ljubljana's kindergartens, on the second day, students from Ljubljana's schools, and the event culminated on Saturday, 6 May, with the recreational march and the triples run.

The path around Ljubljana

The march, held for the 65th time this year, is the largest sports and recreational event in our country, attended by over 30,000 people every year.

We presented the highest recognitions of Ljubljana

On Tuesday, 9 May 2023, at the formal sitting of the City Council of the City of Ljubljana, held at the Ljubljana Castle, we awarded the highest recognitions of the City of Ljubljana – Plaques and Awards, as well as Honorary Citizen titles. This year, the Honorary Citizen titles was presented to Elza Budau and Acad. Prof. Dr. Stanko Kristl. Elza Budau is the central poet of Slovenian popular songs and chansons, who also expresses her love for Ljubljana in her numerous works, winning many awards. Prof. Dr. Stanko Kristl is one of the most important Slovenian architects of the 20. and 21. centuries and the relevance of his projects is still evident.

Stanko Kristl and Elza Budau

The Awards of the City of Ljubljana for 2023 were presented to Boris Kosec, Pionirski dom – Center for Youth Culture, creative group of architects Majda Kregar, Miha Kerin, Edo Ravnikar Jr., the Association of Paraplegics of the Ljubljana Region and the Ljubljana Pharmacy. The Plaques of the City of Ljubljana for 2023 were awarded to the Chamber Choir Megaron, Dr. Simona Gerenčer, Ph.D. Slavka Kavčič, Tourist Association Zadvor, Andraž Arko and the team of the film Plečnik's Hidden Gem (Plečnikov skriti biser), the music group Siddharta and Danilo Lukner.