Thursday, 15. 7. 2010

Ljubljana gets a new bridge

On Saturday 10 July 2010, Ljubljana's old city centre saw the official opening of the Butchers' Bridge (Mesarski most).

The new bridge connects Ljubljana's Central Market, designed by the famous Slovenian architect Jože Plečnik, with the Petkovškovo nabrežje embankment. It stands on the site where Jože Plečnik anticipated the building of a bridge almost one hundred years ago.

The Butchers' Bridge is based on a design selected as the winner of the 2008 anonymous public architectural competition for the redevelopment of the wider Ljubljana Central Market area. The bridge is intended for the passing of pedestrians and cyclists, but its concept is partially artistic as it is decorated with statues by the renowned Slovenian sculptor Jakov Brdar.

The bridge occupies the site in between the Central Market's former butchers' stalls so the sculptures tell a story about the area's past. The large statue standing on the Petkovškovo nabrežje side of the bridge depicts Prometheus while the miniature statues on the parapet playfully allude to the activity going on at the market stalls.