Friday, 16. 11. 2018

Ljubljana has the first mobile simulation unit in this part of Europe

The mobile simulation unit SIM mobil has opened, operating under the umbrella of the Health Care Centre Ljubljana, as the first educational programme of this type in Slovenia and in this part of Europe.

The mobile unit is the most advanced form of practical training, it uses state-of-the-art simulators and is intended for medical teams as well as laics. It has two simulation rooms: a reanimation room and a debriefing room.

During the training in the simulation unit participants use state-of-the-art equipment for simulations (manikins which accurately represent humans at a certain age and are difficult to distinguish from real humans), such as a professional defibrillator simulator, labour simulator, a manikin of a severely injured person, they use real medicinal products, a manikin responding as a living human being with laboured breathing effects, a manikin of a newborn, an infant and a small child. A debriefing system is used for recording scenarios during every simulation so that afterwards the participants can see themselves in the process of acting and receive feedback on their performance.

The programme SIM mobil is carried out by instructors and lecturers with appropriate competences and qualifications. They are working with renowned experts in the field of simulation-based medical teaching (SESAM1) who have an international licence (ITLS2, EPLS3, ERC4, MTS5, MRMI6) or are experts in their own field.