Monday, 12. 8. 2019

Ljubljana increasingly attractive to tourists with tents and motorhomes

Ljubljana is an attractive tourist destination also for visitors who wish to spend a night in a tent or motorhomes and similar trailers. Problems arise if they want to set up a tent in the Landscape Park Tivoli, Rožnik and Šiška Hill (KP TRŠh) or spend a night in a motorhome parked on a surface not designated for that purpose.

For many people the beautiful greens in city parks are a convenient space, where they can set up a tent and sleep under the starry sky. Some prefer to hide in the forest while others make use of wooden landings to sleep on. In such cases they receive a warning from the Municipal Police Department or the state police.

Illegal camping in nature

At the end of July, the KP TRŠh service noticed several cases of illegal camping in the area. The notified relevant services and the Municipal Police Department conducted checks of the area along Večna pot.

From conversations with offenders they deducted they were mainly foreigners going by recommendations, advice and comments on different travel websites and applications.


Protection of Public Order Act stipulates that camping is prohibited in a public place not designated for that purpose or in a private place without the consent of the owner or occupier. A person who violates the provision in the first paragraph of article 18 of the Protection of Public Order Act is subject to a fine of 83.46 EUR.

Motorhome parking areas

Motorhome and trailer parking is allowed only on surfaces designated and set up for parking these vehicles. For long-term parking needs, for instance, when taking a break, sleeping, cleaning, e-charging, waiting due to different activities of passengers and the like, motorhomes can be parked on specially marked parking spaces for motorhomes set up to meet all of the needs mentioned above. Motorhome parking areas on surfaces owned by the City of Ljubljana are managed by the public company JP Ljubljanska parkirišča in tržnice, d.o.o.

Information on the parking in the Ljubljana region is available here.

150917 Dolgi most nrovan8

Parking at P+R Dolgi most

On Monday, 5 August 2019, the P+R Dolgi most parking area introduced a parking fee for buses and motorhomes payable to JP LPT employees.

The P+R Dolgi most parking area has 349 spaces, 11 of which are for people with disabilities, 11 for buses, 10 for motorhomes in 6 for charging electric vehicles.

Parking area working hours are from Monday to Friday. Parking fees for motorhomes are 2.40 €/hour from 6:00 to 20:00 and 6 €/night between 20:00 and 6:00 (overnight parking). The bus parking fee between 7:00 and 19:00 is 2.40 €/hour.

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