Thursday, 16. 11. 2023

Ljubljana is once again among the most beautiful cities in the world

Ljubljana ranked fifth on the list of the most beautiful autumn cities in the world, as was revealed by a tourist survey conducted by the British hotel chain Premier Inn, which included 60 cities worldwide.

They wanted to find out which cities people find most beautiful in their autumn colours. Using eye-tracking software, they presented the participants with pictures of different cities and recorded which images their eyes lingered over the longest because they were the most appealing to them. According to the hotel chain mentioned above, visiting these cities is lovely all year round, as their identity changes through the seasons so that a city can leave a completely different impression in autumn or winter than in spring or summer.

And among the cities in their autumn colours, Ljubljana was ranked in a high fifth place, sharing it with Florence. The British city of Bath ranked first, followed by Chicago, Cape Town and Boston before Ljubljana, while Rome, Tokyo, Istanbul and Munich followed down to tenth place behind Ljubljana.