Thursday, 1. 6. 2023

Ljubljana is the Best European City for Short Breaks

Ljubljana is the recipient of the prestigious title of the Best European City for Short Breaks, which is awarded by the organization European Best Destinations, a leading online travel portal dedicated to promoting culture and tourism in Europe.

The title confirms Ljubljana's extraordinary appeal and uniqueness as a top destination for travellers who are looking for unforgettable city experiences.

Ljubljana received the title of the Best European City for Short Breaks based on measuring visits to the European Best Destinations* web portal ( In the last year alone, 7.2 million visitors have viewed the portal, among them 26% from the UK, 14% from the US, 6% from Australia, 5% from Canada and 5% from Germany. Ljubljana was the most visited landing page in the last 12 months, viewed by 243,089 visitors. Most of these visitors fall into the age group between 18 and 24 years (30.4%), followed by visitors in the age group 25-34 years (18.8%) and 35-44 years (17.9%), which is an indicator of Ljubljana's popularity among younger and active travellers.

In the company of the best

Only ten cities made it onto the list of the best European destinations for a city break, which includes Copenhagen, Lisbon, Riga, Florence, Paris, Malaga, Madrid, San Sebastian and Vienna. The results show that Ljubljana stands alongside the trendiest European destinations. Ljubljana will keep the title of the Best European City for Short Breaks also in 2024.

Maximilien Lejeune, director of the European Best Destinations organisation, is not surprised by the result, as Ljubljana has already proven its attractiveness with the title of the Best European Destination in 2022, for which it received the votes of a record number of travellers beyond Slovenia. The results also show significant multiplier effects of the previous title. Because of this title, Ljubljana received international promotion worth over 10 million euros, while the value of promoting the title of the Best Green Capital in Europe in 2021 was estimated at 1.6 million euros.

Well above average

Ljubljana is »a trendy but safe destination where everyone feels welcome. It is an open, family-friendly and green cultural centre everyone dreams of visiting,« says Maximilien Lejeune. The organization is convinced that Ljubljana is a leading destination in many areas, important for travellers looking for authenticity, high-quality services, safety and unique experiences. Ljubljana ranks among the leading destinations in Europe, which is the result of its efforts towards being a friendly city, sustainable operation and quality events. It is also confirmed by the high ratings on the TravelSat platform, where Ljubljana far exceeded the average of other European destinations – 88 points in 2022, compared to the average of 34 points for all European destinations.