Tuesday, 8. 5. 2018

Ljubljana joined the campaign Cities4Europe – Europe for citizens

Ljubljana joined the campaign Cities4Europe – Europe for citizens, the aim of which is to ensure a bright future for Europe where people always come first.

The official presentation of the campaign was held on Monday, 7 May 2018, at the political summit in Brussels, with Deputy Mayor Dejan Crnek also in attendance. Representatives of cities included in the EUROCITIES network discussed the role of cities in designing a more just and sustainably oriented society.

The campaign is headed by the EUROCITIES network of European cities with 81 cities joining in, among them also Ljubljana.


The campaign was presented at the EUROCITIES conference held in Ljubljana last November, when the president of the organisation Daniël Tremont underscored the decisive role cities play in designing the future of Europe.

Cities4Europe – involve citizens, inspire all levels of government, impact the way decisions are taken in Europe!