Thursday, 1. 7. 2021

Ljubljana – proud capital of Slovenia

Ljubljana, Hero City, has been the capital of independent Slovenia for thirty years. And just a few days after the celebration of the 30th anniversary of independence, on July 1, our country is taking over the helm of the European Council for the second time.

In Ljubljana, we are very proud to have built a successful, friendly, safe and modern capital of an independent country.

Since 2007, when, based on the Vision 2025, we have resolutely embarked on the path of sustainable development of the city, we have always ensured the quality of life for all generations of our citizens and cared for our environment.
In the past fifteen years, Ljubljana has experienced extraordinary progress and growth in all areas of life, and our work has also been noticed and rewarded internationally. We are proud of every recognition we have received, and among them the title Ljubljana, European Green Capital 2016, holds an honorary place. This title has finally fortified us on the world map of cities that lead our world to a green, environment- and people-friendly future. We are proud to be the only city in this part of Europe that boasts this flattering title and serves as an example to others. All cities should live by the principles of the green capital, so we could keep our planet at least as clean as it is today, also for future generations.

So far, we have carried out over 2,200 projects in Ljubljana, with which we have improved the quality of life of our citizens. We pay special attention to the most vulnerable groups of residents, as we are aware that a city that is friendly to them is friendly towards everyone.
I am incredibly proud that Ljubljana is a city where different people live together in mutual respect and where we accept everyone with open arms and proverbial hospitality.

logo Europe in Ljubljana

We will continue to be a city where we celebrate solidarity, camaraderie, tolerance and mutual respect. We will do everything to make our children as proud of us as we are of the generations before us.
Welcome to Ljubljana, the capital of the Republic of Slovenia and, in my opinion, the most beautiful city in the world!
We will receive you with open arms and you will always want to come back to us!

Zoran Janković
Mayor of the City of Ljubljana