Wednesday, 13. 4. 2022

Ljubljana received the international recognition City of Trees for the third time already

In Ljubljana, we are continuously taking care of our trees, as we are aware of their importance for the city, the society and individuals. Our efforts are also recognized by the Arbor Day Foundation and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), which have awarded Ljubljana the title Tree City for the third consecutive year within the framework of the Tree Cities of the World program.

Ljubljana received this recognition already in the years 2019 and 2020. And in 2021, it was awarded to 138 cities from 21 countries. Ljubljana is thus part of an important global network that paves the way in the field of care of urban forests and city trees. »Congratulations on earning this flattering status yet again!«, wrote down the organizers when they announced the award of this important title. In the City of Ljubljana, we are proud to have received once again the recognition for our activities and measures with which we are ensuring that the European Green Capital 2016 is literally green.

In 2021, we allocated over one hundred thousand euros more funds for trees than in 2020, which is almost 25 percent more, and this is mainly due to the planting of new trees and tree pruning. We also paid additional attention to involving different target audiences in raising awareness and taking care of trees. And so, we can thank the wider local community, schools and kindergartens, and the many individuals who participated. We all deserve credit for being able to »celebrate« Ljubljana's achievements, such as the title Tree City.

In 2021, we planted 1,080 trees, and this year we will plant around 280 new trees in the spring within the scope of the For a More Beautiful Ljubljana campaign.

Man, take care of the trees

Caring for trees is also at the forefront of this year's activities of the socially responsible campaign titled Man, take care of your city, with which we have been raising awareness for many years about the significance of respect for our common public space.

With posters and other communication activities, we caution that trees should not be damaged in any way. This means it is not allowed to attach or hang anything on trees, carve or draw on them, cut, break or otherwise damage them.
Dog urination can also harm the tree, so the campaign points out that only watering trees with water, especially during the dry periods, is beneficial for them. The citizens often help us in this respect, which we appreciate.