Monday, 1. 6. 2020

Ljubljana – second most car sharing friendly city

In the international competition for the Carshare City Award Ljubljana won the second place in the category up to 750,000 residents. The award is presented by the organisations Carsharing Association and Movmi based on their evaluation of the introduction, maintenance, support and recognition of the significance of car sharing.

In total, 27 cities applied, and they were divided into two categories. Ljubljana went into the finals in the category of cities with up to 750,000 residents and won the second place. Other finalists were Bergen, Lisbon, Bremen and Gent, the latter was the winner.

In the second category were cities with over 750,000 residents, the final round included Munich, Vancouver, Madrid and Paris, Calgary and Milano, which won the title in this category.

Car sharing in Ljubljana

We are aware it is difficult to completely avoid car traffic in the city, and as we are striving towards more environment friendly mobility, we are also promoting the joint use of cars, that is, car sharing.

Already in July 2016 we introduced the project for 100% electric cars sharing. The system, with all its services (reservations, vehicle unlocking, engine ignition, final payment) performed using the Avant2Go mobile app, was developed by the Avantcar company. The users of these cars reduce CO2 emissions by 100 grams with each kilometre, by renting and not owning a car they lower the cost of mobility, and they travel without causing harmful emissions and noise.

Since the introduction of the system the drivers travelled over 5 million kilometres with these vehicles, which is approximately 125 times around the world – without emissions, which means 457,000 kilograms less of CO2 emissions.

In Ljubljana the car sharing system is very popular and increasingly recognisable, namely, the number of rentals in 2019 went up by 200% in comparison to the previous year. The car sharing network in Ljubljana includes over 200 vehicles at 34 public and 51 private locations. One shared car replaces 10 privately owned cars, and the oldest user at the age of 97 rents a vehicle every day.