Wednesday, 27. 3. 2019

Ljubljana the safest city in 2018

Within the framework of the 10th international conference The Days of Corporate Security we received the Slovenian Grand Security Award in the category »Safest City in 2018«, which is already the third award we have won.

The award compels us to carry on with our activities which can significantly contribute to a higher degree of safety for our citizens and ensure a secure living environment, and it is of primary importance to raise awareness, educate and connect with citizens so they become actively engaged and cooperate in preventing crime at the local level.

Ljubljana is a safe city

This is backed up by statistical data showing a positive trend in criminal offences. In 2018 we recorded a decrease in criminal offences in the general area of property and economic crime.

In the City of Ljubljana we are well aware of the importance of safety, and that is why we are focusing a lot of attention on ensuring and fostering public safety, and are organizing different events, activities, consultations and conferences to this end.

The Municipal Police Department of the City of Ljubljana plays an important role in ensuring safety by carrying out different activities at the operative level, in cooperation with partners and stakeholders in the security sector (the Police Directorate Ljubljana, district communities, services and departments of the City of Ljubljana, schools, kindergartens, the Slovenian Traffic Safety Agency, security services and others), following the guidelines and aims of the City of Ljubljana in the field of safety.

Great cooperation with all stakeholders, especially the Police Directorate Ljubljana, which is based on the Protocol of Cooperation between the Municipal Police Department and the Police Directorate Ljubljana, is important for ensuring public safety in the area of Ljubljana.

Socially responsible campaign Man, take care of your city

The sense of safety is also affected by the orderliness of the city, that is why, since 2015, we are also using the socially responsible campaign titled Man, take care of your city to call attention to the unacceptability of vandalism and stress the significance of respect for our common public space.

In 2015 we focused on the prohibited graffiti and damage to public buildings, while in 2016, 2017 and 2018 the campaign was directed at raising awareness about picking up dog waste and throwing away chewing gum and cigarette buds into waste bins. The activities continue into this year.

About the award

The Slovenian Grand Security Award is the highest award in the field of safety in the Republic of Slovenia, which is awarded to selected institutions and individuals for their innovative contributions to safety development and enforcement. The prize is awarded by the Institute for Corporative Security Studies ICS Ljubljana in cooperation with the Slovenian Corporate Security Association.