Friday, 23. 4. 2010

Ljubljana – world book capital 2010

On Friday 23 April 2010 Ljubljana took on the crown of UNESCO 'World Book Capital 2010'.

Opening ceremonies to mark the title of World Book Capital

In front of City Hall, Mayor Zoran Janković and the President of the Republic of Slovenia and honorary patron of the 'Ljubljana – World Book Capital 2010' project Dr Danilo Türk raised the flag of World Book Capital and by this act Ljubljana officially breathed the spirit of the book.

At KinoDvor within the framework of the opening ceremonies there was a meeting with writer Boris Pahor, herald of Slovenian literature on the occasion of the publication of his book 'Bay/Reader', published by Cankarjeva založba, while in the Kresija Gallery there was the opening of an exhibition of the illustrations of academic painter Jelka Reichman, Župančič Laureate for her life’s work in 2009, entitled "Illuminated Image". The conclusion of the gala opening was at Križanke with Matjaž Berger’s artistic productions entitled Tympan in diachrony: a tribute to the book, reading and fonts; a meeting of science, art and philosophy through the optics of the book.


Books for everyone

Alongside the opening ceremonies, on 23 April a project entitled Books for Everyone also got underway, within which it will be possible to buy a great high-circulation book for €3 in more than 200 outlets (in bookstores, libraries and cultural institutions) across Slovenia.