Friday, 10. 5. 2019

Ljubljana’s highest recognitions awarded at the city holiday

9 May, the Ljubljana City Holiday, was marked by the Gala Session of the City Council of the City of Ljubljana where Mayor Zoran Janković presented the highest recognitions of the City of Ljubljana.


The title Honorary Citizen of Ljubljana was awarded to the legendary drama, film, television and radio artist Ivanka Mežan and a great soldier, comrade and successful economist Franc Sever Franta.

The Awards of the City of Ljubljana for 2019 were presented to:

  • Zdenka Barbara Ban Fischinger, MA, former Director of the Ljubljana ZOO;
  • the Rakovnik Salesian Youth Centre Association, which has over the past 15 years developed into a strong hub offering help to young people, a space where they can make good use of their free time and an educational centre for mentors and volunteers;
  • the Division of Gynaecology and Obstetrics at the University Medical Centre Ljubljana, a leading Slovenian institution which in providing health services to the residents of the city and the country is advancing its expertise with research and pedagogical activities, and it is already an internationally recognised and renowned clinic;
  • Marjan Jernej Virant, an active citizen who has already at a very young age started practicing work for the public good;
  • Prof. Dr. Eda Vrtačnik Bokal, Head of the Clinical Department for Reproduction at the Division of Gynaecology and Obstetrics in Ljubljana.

The Plaques of the City of Ljubljana 2019 were awarded to:

  • General Maister Society Ljubljana, which again raised awareness about the significance of historical acts of Rudolf Maister, a determined fighter for our northern border, on the path towards an independent and sovereign Slovenian country;
  • Stanislava Marija Ferenčak Marin, a long-term President of the District Community Moste Council, who with her selfless and successful work has significantly contributed to the quality and development of life in her community;
  • Prof. Dr. Tamara Lah Turnšek, doctor of biochemical sciences, who dedicated her life to experimental research in biomedicine and clinical research in oncology;
  • the Police Directorate Ljubljana for its outstanding long-term cooperation with the Municipal Police Department of the City of Ljubljana ensuring mutual assistance, execution of operational duties and preventative activities in the area of security, which is important for public safety in the municipality;
  • Anja Rupel, a popular singer who started her musical career in 1983 with the Videosex group and went down in the annals of Yugoslav New Wave history;
  • the NORA Institute, centre for contemporary addictions, which is carrying out the programme LOGOUT aimed at individuals caught in the whirlwind of modern technology;
  • the Community Health Centre Ljubljana, the largest public institute at primary level in Slovenia, open and dynamic in ensuring quality and timely access to health services.