Thursday, 24. 2. 2011

Mardi gras carnival

The 'Pust' or Mardi Gras carnival on the streets of Ljubljana is to be held on Saturday 5 March 2011.

The Ljubljana carnival comprises a Mardi Gras parade along the streets and a programme of
entertainment in Prešeren Square. The procession, among other things, includes characteristic
masqueraders from the Pagan folk tradition such as 'kurents', 'laufars', marsh dwellers
called 'morostars' and others.

The carnival procession sets off from Breg at 11am, carrying on across Čevljarski most (the Butcher's Bridge) to Mestni trg and then along Stritarjeva ulica to Prešeren Square.

The parade will be accompanied by three groups that are to showcase their carnival costumes at Ribji trg, on the steps of City Hall and on the stage in Prešeren Square.

There is to be a programme of music on the stage in Prešeren Square featuring the Victory group, who will ensure a cheerful carnival spirit until the arrival of the procession of Mardi Gras masqueraders. Individual groups are to take part in the parade with a themed selection of characters (such as from the animal world) and thematically identifiable groups from various Slovene 'carnival destinations' and from abroad. The carnival masquerade groups are going to be rich and vibrant, and will therefore approach on foot or in smaller adapted vehicles.

Ljubljana Tourist Board