Wednesday, 20. 5. 2020

New allotment area

Ljubljana prioritizes self-sufficiency, so that is why we are continuously expanding gardening areas and taking care of the countryside. This spring we have expanded the network of allotments with a new allotment area Vižmarje-Brod. Thus, we have 943 allotments, in total, spanning over almost 100,000 m2. We are seeing the fastest growth of allotments especially in the vicinity of new residential neighbourhoods.

Gardening is an activity serving many purposes and it has both economic and social potential. Its primary purpose is the production of produce for own consumption, and on the city level it is an important factor in increasing the level of self-sufficiency.

There is a growing interest in renting an allotment not only among young families but even among students. The desire to grow healthy food of high quality and spend free time gardening is quickly gaining ground among the youth, as well.

Additional 111 allotments in the new area

On the total surface of 10,500 m2 we have set up 97 allotments. Already 60 have been leased out, and 37 are still available. We have set up additional 14 allotments for movement impaired people.

200313 visoke grede Vizmarje Brod za gibalno ovirane Helena Regina2
This is the first allotment area where we have also set up allotments for the movement impaired people.

The size of each allotment is 49 m2. The area is equipped with shared sheds, compost bins, drinking fountains, socializing areas, benches and tables as well as bicycle parking racks. We have planted fruit trees and shrubs, and we set up two swings for the youngest visitors.
In the park area we have designed paths, planted fruit trees and erected playground and urban equipment.

And so, now we have 8 gardening areas in Ljubljana with 943 allotments spanning over almost 100,000 m2, in total. These numbers will soon change as we are continuously adding allotments and thus expanding the network.

Local self-sufficiency in first place

The first aim of the Rural Development Strategy of the City of Ljubljana for the Period 2014-2020 is to promote self-sufficiency of our city by cultivating agriculture and forestry goods of high quality in a preserved environment. Simultaneously, by producing high-quality, locally grown food we are taking care of the landscape and the environment. We are strengthening both the economic and the social function of the forest, and we are promoting successful development of agriculture by supporting agricultural economy and maintaining soil quality.


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