Friday, 27. 8. 2021

New, modern Ljubljana Animal Shelter

With the opening of the new Ljubljana Animal Shelter, we now have a modern centre where we can offer abandoned animals comprehensive care in line with the advanced professional standards and at the same time strive towards prevention, for less abandoned animals.

We completely demolished the former shelter of 1,100 m2 and built a new one of 3,500 m2 at the same site, and the shelter nonetheless remained open for the entire duration of the project.

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The new shelter facilities are divided into several sectors, which allows great flexibility due to seasonal fluctuations in the number and structure of animals, and it also enables the prevention of the spread of infectious diseases. We completed the first phase of construction in December 2019. At that time, we set up a new, modern home for dogs (47 living spaces for a maximum of 120 dogs, which is 50% more than before), new offices with a lecture hall, volunteer and service facilities and a warehouse. In the second phase, in July 2020, we completed the facility with a reception and veterinary clinic, and in August 2021, we completed the construction of a shelter for cats. We significantly increased the living capacity for cats, as we replaced 46 substandard units with 64 double living spaces. More than 200 abandoned cats can now be housed in the shelter.

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The shelter also has a new specialized veterinary clinic with state-of-the-art equipment for the care and implementation of outpatient and surgical treatment of animals (a digital X-ray machine, an ultrasound, a laboratory with a safe area for processing samples). In surgical halls with modern equipment even more complex surgical procedures can be performed. The clinic is friendlier to animals and visitors, it provides much better working conditions and is complemented by new facilities for animals. The layout of the premises is maximally flexible for adapting to seasonal needs or even higher animal admittance.